Little Red Flying Hood The Animation!

Watch the full animation here!

This animation brings my story of the book to life. It was created by the Animation students in the class of 2016 at Southwest Career and Technical Adademy. The students worked with me in collaborating my ideas and their animation skills to create, Little Red FLying Hood, The Movie.

This animated was based on my book, the Little Red Flying Hood. Enjoy the animation!

CUE logo2014 2D Animation CUE-NV Award Winner

Little Red Flying Hood

Little Red Flying Hood won the Idea Award at Design Ignites Change in 2010. I broke the stories into a 51 page book and developed characters to go on an adventure with Little Red. These characters have fully developed personalities.

Little Red Flying Hood is a spinoff to the original story Little Red Riding Hood. The story takes place in a town called Arthroberg. Little Red hears her mother calling her to go on a trip to her grandmother’s house. As in the original story, the grandmother is sick and goes to her house to give her the cure for her illness, but there is a catch, she is being watched by a hungry spider named Cranston. Instead of Little Red going by herself, she goes with her group of friends and tries to subdue all her foes ahead with the help of her friends.

If you enjoyed the animation or would like to read Little Red Flying Hood, or give it as a gift, you can purchase the Kindle version of the book on Amazon . The iPad version will be available soon.